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Please read the information nelow, and then use the form at the end of this page if you'd like to get a quote for web design or graphic design work.

Rates: For current rates, please email Once you've provided us with a clear idea of your initial site design, we can give you an estimate for the work we'll do for you, but ballpark timeframe on a 3-4 page site is generally 10-20 hours, depending on what elements you want to have on the site, and how clear you are with your site concept.

Rights: We turn over the rights to the site to you once we receive our final payment for the project, unlike some design companies that retain control of the site, forcing you to pay another designer to create a new site should you ever leave.

Hosting: We can work with your own hosting company, if you already have one or have a preference.

Domain Name: If you don't yet have a domain name, we recommend using - expect to pay $35 for the first year. There are other services that are a little cheaper, but when it comes time to either set up your domain on the ISP's server or move it from one ISP to another, you may pay for that small savings. Buy it for one-two years; you'll pay less if you buy it for longer, but don't do this unless you're fairly certain you'll still be using it in 5 or 10 years.

Site Planning: A couple questions to consider when planning your site:

  • What specific pages (and how many pages total) do you want to have on the initial site?
  • What kind of look/theme do you have in mind? Any particular colors?
  • Do you have all the materials together for the site?

Materials Needed: If you decide to use Mongoose On The Loose for your project, here's what we'd need to get started:

  • The signed contract
  • A deposit of half of our low end estimate for your project (can be paid via check or Visa/MC)
  • All the materials you have for the site. These can be emailed to us, or sent via UPS, Fed Ex, etc.

To see our Custom Website Design Contract, Click Here
To see our Website Maintenance Contract, Click Here
To see our Graphic Design Contract, Click Here

Inquire Abour Our Services: To contact us about a possible web design or graphic design project, please use the form below, or the email link at the end of this page.
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Thanks for inquiring about our services - once you submit this form, someone will be in touch with you to discuss your project.

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