Website Maintenance/Redesign Sample Contract

This is a sample contract only - if you decide to use our services, we'll send you a current version via email.

1) Authorization: The client (hereinafter referred to as"client") is engaging Mongoose On The Loose Web Design (hereinafter referred to as "MOTL") as an independent contractor for the specific purpose of upgrading or maintaining an existing world wide web site. The client hereby authorizes MOTL to do work on an as-requested basis, and to upload the site to the client's web space.

2) Response Time: MOTL will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours (weekdays) and 48 hours (weekends). Our primary method of communication is email (

3) Internet Service Provider: The client may use any other provider, as desired, to host their website. The client will make these arrangements directly with their ISP of choice, and will pay all hosting fees, etc, directly to that ISP. Regardless of the ISP chosen, MOTL is not responsible for the quality or reliability of the client's ISP. MOTL does not warrant that the operation of the website will be uninterrupted or without error. Further, MOTL is not responsible to the client or any third party for damages of any kind arising out of the operation or inability to operate the web site.

4) Material Copyrights: the client hereby unconditionally guarantees that all text, graphics, photos, trademarks, designs and any other materials provided to MOTL by the client are either owned by the client, or used by permission of the owners of said materials. The client agrees to hold harmless, protect and defend MOTL from any claim or suit arising from the use of these materials. Similarly, MOTL warrants that all graphics and text supplied by MOTL for use in the construction of the site are either owned by MOTL or used with permission.

5) Page Content: MOTL is not responsible for any content the client decides to include on the page. Erroneously displayed information will be corrected within 2 business days of notification.

6) Web Site Copyright: Copyright of the original site is held solely by the client, and MOTL makes no claims on these materials. Copyright to any additional work done on the site, including custom graphics, text and design layout, is held by MOTL until completion and final payment for the work. At that time, ownership passes to the client. Materials such as CGI programs which were not originally created by MOTL remain the property of their respective owners, and shall be for the client's use only.

7) Subcontractors: MOTL reserves the right to subcontract certain portions of this job to expedite completion, if needed.

8) Hourly rate: All work done on the site will be billed to the client by MOTL at the hourly rate of $95 an hour. Any future maintenance work will be billed at our current hourly rate at that time.

9) Payment: Fees to MOTL are due on the following schedule: a deposit of 50% of the low-end estimate is due upon the signing of this contract; the balance is due upon completion of the project, as defined in the client's original written specifications. Payments will be via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) in US funds, to Mongoose On The Loose Web Design. File transfer of the final site to the client's ISP, registration with search engines, and any additional updates, will be done only after the final payment has been made. Final payment will be due 7 calendar days after notification of site completion. A late fee of $25 will be assessed for each week the payment is late. MOTL will assess a $25 charge for any checks that are not cleared through your bank. In addition, the client will be responsible for any bank fees imposed on MOTL's bank account as a result of the client's uncleared check.

For any future work, MOTL will bill the client's credit card for all work done within a given month in the 1st of the following month.

10) References: MOTL reserves the right to reference your site in any of its advertising or publicity. MOTL will also place its logo at the bottom of your home page, and a text link to the MOTL home page at the bottom of each additional page on your site.

11) Sole Agreement: The agreement contained in this "Web Page Design Agreement" constitutes the sole agreement between MOTL and the client regarding this web site. Any additional work not specified in this contract must be authorized by a written change order, and may be subject to additional fees and/or charges.

I warrant that I have the authority to execute this contract on behalf of myself and/or my company, and acknowledge that I have read and understand this contract and have received a copy.

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