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Mongoose On The Loose started out as nothing more than an idea.

On our first trip to Hawaii, we had a great time. We were both working corporate jobs at the time, and the relaxing getaway was just what we needed.

The worst thing we heard on the radio while on Kauai was a possible mongoose sighting (mongeese can wipe out the native bird population in short order if they ever get established on the island). While we were there, we decided we wanted to live in Hawaii, and needed a job we could take with us there (or anywhere) that was not related to island tourism, agriculture, or government, as Hawaii is notorious for its seesawing economy.

When we returned to the Bay Area, we were deluged with news of shootings, stabbings, and the like on our airport van ride home. So when we decided to start a web design business as part of our dream of moving to the islands, the name came to us naturally - Mongoose On The Loose - representing the best of the islands and what we were striving for. It also had a bit of mischief to it, which appealed to us immensely.

We had our year in Hawaii, and now we're settled (for the moment) in the Sierra Foothills, just above the Sacramento Valley and about an hour and a half from Lake Tahoe.

We specialize in gay and lesbian travel related websites, and also maintain a number of online directories - for more information on the sites we've created, see the portfolio, custom, redesign, and maintenance sections at left.

Scott has worked in retail, at a major book distributor in customer service, and as a merchandise planner at the Discovery Channel Store Corporate Office.

Mark's background is in human resources at Pacific Bell and SBC.

We share all the work, business decisions, and rewards of being self employed, and love every minute of it.

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